Judgement Day


As a Christian, Judgement Day will be an exciting day! If you are a true Christian like me, you will know that you will get a free pass to Heaven and you will get to see all those horrible people you don’t like being judged, humiliated and cast into God’s eternal barbeque pit. Hallelujah! Won’t that be a glorious day, brothers and sisters? Oh yes it will. It will be a marvellous day. All those false Christians who claim to be Christians who aren’t, will be burnt to a crisp along with them. The Baptists, the Catholics, the Mormons, the Pentecostals, the Brethren…. All of them! Writhing in absolute agony for their sins.  Praise God! Glory hallelujah!

Imagine the thrill you will have at the thought of Heaven and the amazing paradise you will live in. Think of the people who will be there. You will get to rub shoulders with famous bible characters like Moses, Abraham and Jonah. You will also get to hang out with celebrities… at least those who have given their lives to Christ.

You may even be surprised at who you see there. People you least expect who may have given their lives to Christ before they die! You could even see Adolf Hitler there! HALLLELUJAH! Imagine if he had repented before his death. He could be in Heaven with you! Wouldn’t that be wonderful, my brothers and sisters to get to rub shoulder with a man like that! PRAISE THE LORD! You will LOVE Adolf and he will LOVE You! GLORY!

But beware, my brothers and sisters. If you do not follow the true gospel, if you are not a true Christian you will not get to be in Heaven to hang out with the likes of Adolf. Do not let this scenario happen to you…


Judgment Day had arrived. A man floated up to Heaven where he stood and awaited in the crowds for his chance to stand before God to give an account of his life. Another went up to God before him and the man who stood in the crowds was horrified to see who it was. It was Adolf Hitler.

The man stood there marvelling, unable to believe that he was about to witness Adolf give an account of his life. He would get to see possibly the world’s most evil man dragged away to burn in hell.

Adolf approached God, his head hung low in shame.

‘Adolf,’ said God. ‘What makes you think I’d ever let someone like you into Heaven?’

‘You wouldn’t.’ Adolf had tears in his eyes and he fell to his knees. ‘I don’t deserve to go to Heaven. I have done much evil in my life.’

‘That’s an understatement!’ God said. ‘You had hundreds of thousands of people, particularly Jews, murdered brutally. Most of whom are burning in hell now as we speak, because they had no further chances to accept me as their lord and saviour! If you hadn’t had them murdered, they might have had a chance to redeem themselves. But you prevented that from happening.’

‘Yes. I realize that,’ bawled Adolf. ‘I have done so many terrible things, but lord, I repented on my deathbed. I realized how evil I had been and I am so sorry.’

‘Yes. I could see that you were sincere when you repented on your deathbed. You are truly sorry for the evil you have done and you have always believed in me and that I was the son of God. But your crimes against myself and humanity are so great, don’t you think so, Adolf?’

‘Yes, I realize that.’ Adolf rose slowly to his feet and looked at God. ‘I do not deserve to live, especially due to all those Jews I condemned to Hell. I will take responsibility for my evil acts. I will take any punishment you see fit. I deserve to burn in hell along with those Jews.’

The man watched on, feeling confident that God would have him taken to hell, but was shocked when God placed his hand on Adolf’s shoulder. ‘By your faith Adolf, you are redeemed. Your act of repentance on your deathbed shows me you are sorry for what you’ve done, so I forgave you for your heinous acts. You are righteous in my eyes. Welcome to Heaven, Adolf.’

The man’s jaw dropped as Angel’s came and led a smiling Adolf away. He couldn’t believe it. How could history’s most evil man be going to Heaven after all the things he did?

God motioned the man over. At first the man hesitated, but then with renewed confidence he approached, If a man as evil as Hitler could be shown mercy, then this was truly a merciful God. He would surely not throw him into hell.

‘So what have you done with your life?’ God asked.

‘My God, I gave my life for you. I lived a good Christian life. I studied my bible, I prayed, I gave to the poor. I have always given you praise.’

‘And which denomination of Christianity did you follow?’

‘Well I was part of the Baptist church for a number of years, but then I decided that I disagreed with their teachings. I in fact became disillusioned with organised religion and decided I was not part of any denomination.’

‘So you started up your own version of Christianity?’

‘No! Well… I didn’t mean to. I believed I was being led by the Holy Spook.’

‘You fool! You were not being led by the Holy Spook. You allowed your own perspectives and opinions to sully the word of God!’

‘But… but what denomination was I supposed to be part of?’

‘It should have been obvious. Did not Pastor Jake try to convince you to become part of his ministry?’

‘Yes, but I disagreed with many of his teachings.’

‘You fool! Pastor Jake was my man on the spot, there to try to guide you to the truth! You rejected him!’

‘But… but I didn’t know!’

‘If you listened to the Holy Spook, you would have known that Pastor Jake spoke the truth! You are NOT a true Christian! Therefore you must be roasted alive in my fiery barbeque pit!’

‘But… but… but what about Hitler! He wasn’t part of Pastor Jake’s denomination… was he? I mean he died before Pastor Jake was even born!’

‘He repented only moments before he was killed. How could he have even had a chance to study the bible, let alone obtain the correct interpretation of it?’

‘But… but how was IIII to know! Pastor Jake’s teachings just seemed so warped to me!’

‘They were the truth. You just weren’t willing to open your mind to the truth. You chose to defy me and remain in your own false beliefs. Because of that you must suffer. Angels! Take this despicable sinner away and make him suffer for ALLLLL eternity!!


*          *          *


My brothers and sisters… heed the warning. Do not be like that man! You must embrace the truth not the lies you have been fed. Follow me, my brothers and sisters. Follow me into truth and please support the ministry by donating as much money as you can.

Thank you and AMEN!


 Pastor Jake 


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