So you lack faith? So did the disciples!


Many people come to me and they lament about how weak they are in the faith. How they are always failing and having to ask God forgiveness. How they even doubt their God. I for one can’t fully understand this, as I am a true Christian and my faith is strong, but let me tell you brothers and sisters, do not feel bad for even the disciples were failures. Even their faith was weak and they rubbed shoulders with the son of God on a daily basis!


Hallelujah! Yes, the 12 disciples were as lousy a Christian as you are, my brothers and sisters! In fact they were so lousy, you might even wonder whether Jesus was really all he was cracked up to be, after all, wouldn’t you, my brothers and sisters have the strongest faith ever, if you were hanging out with Jesus every day, witnessing his miracles? I know I would! Yet, as Christians we do not get Jesus hanging out with us every day. At least not in the way the disciples did, but yet, they were pathetic examples of faithful Christians. TRULY pathetic.


Just look at them… They were a weak and wishy washy lot. They continually needed to have Jesus explain things to them and he often would berate them for their lack of faith. One denied him, another doubted him and another even betrayed him.


People say that Judas Iscariot was the big villain, but it was Thomas who showed the worst faith. You’d think a man who’d witnessed the miracles that he had would be absolutely convinced Jesus was the son of God, so when Jesus turned up, he wouldn’t have doubted him. He would have said, “Great, JC, you’re back. Now what do we do?” But no, Thomas required proof. He just couldn't believe that Jesus was back from the dead. If it were this day and age Jesus would have been furious that he needed proof and refused to give it, but yet he gave Thomas what he needed despite all those years where he had already received loads of proof. 


Hellooooo. What is wrong with this picture? Could it be that Jesus really wasn’t all he was cracked up to be? That he was really just a man, perhaps a pretty good conman, but his disciples knew his tricks and knew he wasn’t everything he claimed to be? Then they even employed those tricks themselves when they went out on their own?


Of course not, brothers and sisters! Jesus was everything he said he was, it’s just that the disciples were just a useless pack of idiots. So don’t feel bad about your lack of faith, my brothers and sisters. It just makes you as useless and pathetic as the 12 disciples. HALLELUUUUUUJAH! You are in good company!


Pastor Jake


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