Thou shalt NOT preach the gospel



As a godly man, I, Pastor Jake, follow the bible religiously. As far as I’m concerned, it is the infallible word of God. Anyone who doesn’t think so is clearly a fool as no mere humans could have possibly written such divine writings. For instance, science would have us believe that bats are mammals, yet the bible tells us quite clearly they are birds. Science would tell us that there is no such thing as cockatrices and satyrs, that they are mythical creatures, but the bible tells us these creatures really did exist at one stage. The bible tells us that the world is flat, so any belief that it’s spherical is clearly an illusion. It also tells us that the stars are simply part of the firmament that covers this planet like a tent. Do not let so-called intelligent people fool you. The bible is ALWAYS right, brothers and sisters, whether you want to believe it or not.

Because I take the bible so seriously I must tell you something, brothers and sisters, that Christians have been blatantly doing wrong and that is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is better that we NOT go out and preach the gospel at all. In fact, brothers and sisters, I would go as far as to say it is cruel and even evil to go out and preach the gospel. YES! It’s true!

Ask any Christian you know… ‘What happens to all those people who have never heard the gospel, like people living in deepest darkest Africa? What about those pre-Christian people in the past who never heard it? Do they go to Hell? What about those who are mentally handicapped and are unable to understand? What about small children under the age of understanding?’

If, my brothers and sisters, you are a loving caring Christian as I am, you will reply, ‘God is merciful and loving. He would not send them to Hell if they didn't know or did not understand.’ That does not necessarily mean they go to Heaven, but it certainly means they won't go to Hell.

So would it not then, my brothers and sisters, be better to let people remain in ignorance? To never preach the gospel? Of course yes! One should never tell anyone about the lord Jesus Christ for the simple reason that if they hear and they reject it, they will end up in Hell. Your children should be the last people you EVER teach about Jesus, because what if that child later rejects these beliefs and goes to Hell to suffer in agony for all eternity? How are you going to enjoy Heaven knowing they are writhing in total agony? Surely, it would be better to have them miss out on Heaven and a relationship with God, than have them risk eternal hellfire?

‘But Pastor Jake’, you say, ‘The bible says go out and preach the gospel’ (Mark 16:15) Yes, Jesus gave that command, but people were more likely to believe that stuff back then. Not anymore. Preaching about Jesus in this day and age is NOT good news, especially to those who reject that news and MOST will do just that. Surely, brothers and sisters, the kindest thing a Christian can do is keep those people in ignorance, by just not evangelising. Perhaps it is kinder to keep this horrible message of the gospel to yourselves, lest that message be rejected and the rejecter ends up being roasted alive for all eternity?


Pastor Jake


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