God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

“God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”


To me it's a laughable statement now. Really an extremely poor reason to be prejudist against homosexuals. 


To me, that argument is the same as saying “Rudolf the Reindeer had a red nose, not a green nose.” It’s stupid and pointless because the whole story of Adam and Eve, like Rudolf the Red Nosed reindeer is nothing more than a silly story. 


YES I will call the story of Adam and Eve a silly story. I will even refer to it as a fairy tale. It doesn’t even deserve to be called a myth or a legend. Why is it a fairy tale? Well come on! It includes a bloody talking snake! 


That alone is enough to classify it as a fairy tale and NO the talking snake is not Satan! That is a retrofit made by Christians around 2-4 thousand years later! Even the Jews who wrote the bloody story will tell you it’s not Satan. It’s a talking snake. Nothing more. And if you don’t believe me take a look at the story. Go on! God cursed EVERY SINGLE species of snake in the entire world to crawl around on their bellies, all because the talking snake in the story decieved Eve. Why would he do that if it was Satan? Wake up! Of course he wasn’t Satan. It was a bloody talking  snake and it’s nothing more than a “Just so” story.  


So quit taking the fable of Adam and Eve as an historical event. It may be that Adam and Eve really did exist, but that doesn't make the stories true. I'm betting that one day the author of the story looked at his family tree, saw Adam and Eve were at the top of the tree and figured he’d write a fictional story about how they got there.  (see my comentaries on the Fall of Man)


Getting back to the original statement. To those who have said it I would say this:


Would a person who was born straight ever EVER have a desire to be a homosexual?  COULD they EVER choose to be gay? Of course they bloody couldn’t because they're straight!  I was born straight and never had a gay inkling whatsoever and the whole thought of it disgusts me. I know for a FACT I could never choose to be gay. Maybe it’s different for you? Maybe you have gay tendencies you don’t like to admit?


Homosexuals (unless they have been brought up in a sexually abusive environment) are born that way. Being gay or being straight is only a choice if you’re bi-sexual.


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