I have never been a big reader of comics, but one which really captured my imagination back in the day was 2000AD and for me it created some of the greatest characters and series I've ever read.


This page is a tribute to some of those characters...

Judge Dredd


Judge Dredd pretty much goes without saying as if it wasn't for him there would be no 2000AD. He has always been the main 2000AD favourite for people and I don't think there's ever been an edition that didn't have a Judge Dredd Story in it and it's been going for 30 years now.

Mean Machine Angel


Mean Machine Angel was a psychotic hillbilly... Well he wasn't psychotic until the rest of his redneck family added some crude cybernetics onto him to make him more violent and cruel. They even put a dial on his head set to 4 states: 1=Surly, 2=Mean, 3=Vicious,  4=Brutal. So he was never nice. 


Mean Machine turned out to be one of Judge Dredd's biggest nemesis and always a welcome sight whenever he turned up in in a story.


They made him look suitably gruesome in the first Judge Dredd movie:

From the original Judge Dredd movie. Mean Machine next to his father
From the original Judge Dredd movie. Mean Machine next to his father

The Strontium Dogs

Johnny Alpha


Johnny Alpha was a mutant bounty hunter with eyes that emitted alpha rays which could drill into an enemy and force information from them. He came across all sorts of wonderful and often sadistic characters and teamed up with some other memorable characters too. 


2000AD killed him off in a very cruel underserving manner in the early 90s, which caused a great outrage among fans, so much so that they regretted doing it.

Oh for a movie version!


Middenface McNulty


Middenface McNulty was a Scottish mutant who often teamed up with Johnny Alpha to go after bounties. He provided much comic relief.




The Bubba Gang

Led by Max Bubba, the Bubba Gang were a bunch of sadistic mutants looking to destroy the world and it was up to the Strontium Dogs to bring them in dead or alive.

Bubba (middle) had two righthand men: Impetigo Jones (left) and Brute Mosely (right). 


I don't know what it was about these guys, but they were my all time favourite Strontium Dog villains and the were involved in two of the most epic Strontium Dog stories ever. It was them that murdered Johnny Alpha's best friend Wulf Sternhammer and in the story "Strontium Dog - Rage"  Alpha vowed to get revenge on them.


How he finally tracked them down and finished them off was awesome.

And as far as I'm concerned... the greatest of them all...

Considered by many critics to be one of the standout 2000AD stories from its era and I can most definitely say it's my personal favourite.


Set in the future, where a very Vietnam like war is going on between Earth soldiers and the psychotic aliens known as Krool. Bad Company, is led by the Frankenstien-like Kano who had suffered alien experiments, while a prisoner of the Krool.


I waited anxiously each week to get my copy of 2000AD to see what would become of the members of the Nightmare Division each week. Who would be killed off next? And what was in Kano's little black box? It was full of bizarre and twisted characters who you couldn't help but love even though some of them were truly demented.


Due to how much I loved this comic book series and the fact there is little about them on the web, I have dedicated my own page to it. I have a run down on each series and character profiles. Check it out!


Bad Company


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