My comments on Religion


I was a committed Christian for the first 38 years of my life. I was even involved in leadership and outreaches in my church, but one day I realized that I just didn’t believe it any more. Every now and then I love to get online and debate Christianity, so this part of my website is dedicated to brief articles I have written exposing Christianity for what it truly is.  (see the list to the left - drill down or click here)


I have also scrutinised a few bible stories here to point out the major plot holes. Bible Stories Scrutinised


You can also view some Chick Tract spoofs.


If you’re a fundamentalist Christian, then my articles will probably bring out the so-called righteous anger of God in you… either that or you will block your ears as so many Christians do and shout out “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!”. If you’re an atheist or agnostic you’ll be sure to get plenty of chuckles. If you’re none of the above, then hopefully they will at least give you
food for thought.

Recommended Websites

If you are a former Christian, then is the site for you. Knowledgeable people, many of whom had been Christians for years, were in leadership and ministry, come to this site. You can be encouraged, enlightened and rehabilitated. Many of the members are more knowledable about the bible than the average Christian, which is a huge reason they are no longer believers today.


As for Christians, if you are looking to earn Brownie points with your God, you can go there too. They have a special area called the "Lion's Den" where you can enter and be torn to shreds like every Christian who comes there to try to proselytize. You can go in there, act judgemental, insulting,  self-righteous and condescending (like most Christians do) and then after you've suffered the backlash you can then claim to your Christian friends that you've been persecuted in the name of Christ! Hallelujah!  

This is a great website for debating religion. It is moderated by Christians and non-Christians and it has a very strict code of ethics. You cannot just go their to preach, you are expected to back up all claims that you make and you must treat all other members with respect.